Monday, March 28, 2011

Introduction to programming answers

These are some of the answers given in the sheet of of a student. The subject is C language.

1)The use of & operator is to differentiate between 2 words or sentences. It is basically used to differentiate between 2 things.

2)DFD stands for Data functional detachment.DFD is used to exchange data from computer to computer.DFD is very useful in storing multiple data.DFD encapsulates the data stored. DFD is very useful for processing data.

3)Identifier is a fundamental unit which identifies the variable whether it is a correct variable or not.

4)getchar() command ensures that the character is correct or not. Getche() is used to differentiate between 2 different components.

5)Format specifier is a specifier in which the specifier is formatted. It is used to specify the command and format it.

6)Double int command is used to ensure the type of data. Double int command full form is integer. Double int command is of integer type.