Saturday, October 17, 2009

Memoirs of an extraordinary October

Anon, Oct 4 2009

1) When we were having the entrance exam for B.Tech. in the IP university this year in the college, director cheating karwate hue pakda gaya..
He was forced to resign and didnt even tell anyone where he was going next fearing that the politics that is here would follow him there as well.

2)college has gone from A grade to B grade, and it wont be long before it goes to C grade.

3) First time in 11 years that the whole staff had to hold meetings among themselves and with the management because of the atrocities being committed by the management. All of the staff wanted to go for strike(for the first time) but the strike probably wont be there because of the intimidating dictatorship that is ever pervading at the moment. The issues are not even listened to, they are suppressed forcefully.

I am foreseeing a domino effect which would ultimately lead to the college being de affiliated from the IP university or AICTE recognition being taken back if things continue in the same scheme of things. It only looks like a question of time.


Anon, Oct 5

HISTORY HAS BEEN CREATED, and i decline to comment whether it is right or wrong. All I can say is that this was the only road left to walk on. There wasnt an option in the matter. For the first time in 11 years since its inception, there is a strike on behalf on the staff and it does not matter if someone is a peon or a professor (there are hardly any professors in the college anyway). A strike in a non government institute is rather unheard of. This had been in the making since the last change in management that was when we were in the final year, and issues have been fomenting now for a few months that have now culminated in this. Now we have entered into a situation where looking back is not even an option. Its an all out WAR now; tomahawks, rocket launchers, AK-47s, flak cannons, snipers, shock rifles, pulse guns, rippers and all. It is high time that the system needed complete overhauling.

"every force you create has an echo.
Your own bad energy will be your undoing"

There should not be any need to explicitly specify who runs and controls the management people. The director was ousted like Tytler was ousted from the congress.

And why does everyone misinterpret my passages? I never said the management is on strike. The entire staff is on strike against the management, or rather the inordinate and unjustifiable exploitation and also the inhuman treatment that is meted out to the staff by the director general, even the ex-paltu kuttas.

Now it is one for all and all for one.

The situation is currently like either the whole staff would be fired or among other things, the 6th pay commission will be implemented. Either way, it is testimony to the zeitgeist which is a stormy petrel, a herald of totally dramatic change that is , and will continue to happen in the times to come.

2012 is around the corner.

, Oct 5

Thanks for the update.
Its unfortunate that this is happening but i am sure you guys are trying to work for the betterment of the college too.
I heard we have an acting Director after that cheater of a director got fired. How is he handling things?

anon, Oct 5

exactly what is so unfortunate?
That is debatable from my perspective.
When I came into the college then after a couple of months I gave up all hope that anything could be done, but after seeing the events that unfolded today, things can go either way.

Bhai cheater sare hain, its just that that director got caught red handed. The rest of management is more of a thief than him.

As for the acting director, you know him: he is handling like he handled our placements.wo kuch nahi karega.
He is just a figurehead.He is made director only so that he wont interfere and the illegal activities can go on unabated.

The staff is afraid of the director general, but when the acting director tried to break the strike, it allowed people to vent their anger and shrug off their fear. Now lets see what happens when DG comes back.

When Hitler or Mussolini could not last, how could this dipsh** director last?

Rahul Nagpal, Oct 5


How r u .. I hope you are doing fine ..

Long time since we met

keep on writing like this .....

and also keep writing the last line as you have done.... Its the Killer man ..It gives the kick...

Trust me it rocks..

Anon, Oct 6

I am doing fine, thanks to you..
kabhi ane ko hoga to mil lenge.
baki kabhi scene banta hai kahin nikalne ka to batao.

Anon, Oct 7

Ya, right.
kuch nahi hone wala.
strike ended (for the time being, nothing listened to). The chairman was playing games on his cell ALL the time the meeting was going on, not concerned in the least. For him this is just a side business.

We are under surveillance for the time being, whereas the management should be under surveillance. Next action would be after diwali only.

Anon, Oct 17

The staff goes back into subservient mode after a majority of them got 10k in their bank accounts as DA. One speaker in the strike gets fired, and no one bothers. The minority (which includes yours truly) gets no pay hike from the ludicruous salary of 12k p.m., but only 500rs as diwali bonus, of which 100rs had to be given back for thanksgiving party.

Akal Sahai.

Oct 20, 2010:

As of now the college is in C grade. A total administrative failure who talks of quality policy without giving pay to employees.